Event Update during COVID

Hi icuTalks Community:

Ok, so we have decided to be socially responsible and respectful to the current situation we all find ourselves in. But please know we are bummed about not having face to face time together! If this wasn’t such a serious predicament, then I promise we would be gathering as normal. 

There is a solution!
We will not meet at Mosaic but here is what we suggest:

  • Be in front of your smart tv, iPhone (or that droid thing), or laptop at 6:30 p.m. (not 7 but 6:30);  
  • Go to icuTalks Facebook page and tap into our FB Live thread;


  • Get a group together on March 18th or any time past this date and go to YouTube. Search icuTalks or go to our channel and search Sandra Fruga, Joshua Starney, or Joe Phillips
  • Blow up social media
  • Post a thousand times about what you got from the speakers!!!

Our podcast Hear Voices will continue as normal! But please note we will not have music but nothing will stop us from sharing our stories and experiencing His Love.

Love wins. God is Love. God wins.