Jennifer Zajac

20-Minute Speaker

An award-winning humorist and comic who started her professional career as a journalist, Jennifer Zajac’s experience includes reporting for Institutional Investor, Money, Sports Illustrated, and People. . Along the way, Jennifer wrote NPR commentaries, hosted a weekend news radio show in Charlottesville, VA, and wrote a humor column; many of her articles appear in her book, I Read It Somewhere, So It Must Be True: Notes From a Mom Who Reads Too Much.

Tragically, Jennifer’s father took his own life in 1997. At the time, he was a white, middle-aged man who neglected his diabetes and had just separated from his wife. Prompted by the pandemic and the alarming rise of suicides over the past two decades, Jennifer launched this blog to support those who have been touched by suicide. She will be a featured speaker about the subject at ICU Talks in September in Charlotte.

Jennifer hopes to help lift those experiencing the unique grief that comes with losing a loved one to suicide, educate people about suicide, and limit her writing about herself in the third person.