Kim Honeycutt

Kim Honeycutt
icuTalks President, Psychotherapist, and Speaker

Kim graduated from Columbia College in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then received a master’s degree in social work from the University of South Carolina in 1998.

After years of working in secular facilities, Kim wanted to be more open about her life as a Christ-centered Psychotherapist. As a result, she founded the Peer In Counseling Center in 2005. The Center is a Christ-centered psychotherapy and counseling organization open to ALL seeking emotional healing.

“Perfectionism is idolatry. It is lead by shame, not by God.”

In addition to providing therapy, she was a 2017  Tedx Charlotte speaker – her talk can be viewed here. She also has been published in several magazines including My School Rocks, Static, and Charlotte Woman. Kim writes blogs about her imperfect Christian walk combined with her psychological knowledge which can be viewed at Her psychotherapy center website can be found at

Kim has been featured on National Public Radio and “The Debra Kennedy Show” and has spoken at Myers Park High School, the Substance Abuse Prevention Services Center, Providence High School and Columbia College. To see a complete listing of Kim’s previous and future speaking engagements, visit the speaking section of

When Kim isn’t speaking, providing therapy, or participating in community projects, she is a runner.