Suzan Stroud

Prior to throwing her hat into the Inspirational Speaking arena, Suzan worked in the Insurance Industry for over 25 years as a Trainer, Customer Service Representative and an Administrative Support Supervisor.

Position: 25 Minute Speaker
2022-10-18 Call Out For Courage

Suzan has selected the profession of Inspirational Speaking because of her passion to inspire others to maximize their potential, develop the leadership within, and achieve their personal and professional goals.     Her interest in public speaking evolved when she became a member of Toastmaster’s International, the leading organization in training up leaders and public speakers.

In her first book, “I’m Not Successful Because I Don’t Want To Be” she engages in a dynamic conversation with the reader about awakening to pursue their personal and professional goals.  In this book, she discusses the six following characteristics; Vision, Passion, Motivation, Education, Funding and Taking Action and how focusing on each of these can catapult you to your next level of success in whatever you’re attempting to accomplish.  Her latest book “The Life Diet 365-Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of You” she provides basic insight into discovering how contributing factors  such as Abusive Relationships, Negative Thoughts and People, Hater and Doubters, Stress, and Dead Weight  are dream killers that can ultimately keep you from reaching your goals. In 2017, Suzan was one of the featured speakers on the Charlotte TEDx stage and in 2020 she launched “The Life Diet 365 Podcast” which can heard on various podcast platforms.  

Our Mantra

We believe that we are all created, redeemed, and sustained in the love of God.

We are chosen and called by God to be instruments to do his work and speak out to him, to tell others of the night and day difference.

From nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.

1 Peter 2:9-10

Kim Honeycutt – Executive Director