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Claudia’s 5K: Call Out For Courage

Our Why

On May 30, 2019, we lost our friend Claudia Clayton to Bipolar Disorder. Claudia was a woman of courage who had deep love for all those in her life. She was an active member of Mosaic church, a volunteer with icuTalks (a mental health speaking ministry), and a Crossfit enthusiast.

To remember her and to honor many of us who are fighting to end the stigma against mental health, we ran 3.1 miles on October 17th. The use of the Call out for Courage neck gaiter is a special opportunity to call out for courage for those you have lost, those of us still fighting the good fight, and for those who are currently struggling.

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Race Day Action

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Whether it is addiction, brain illness, emotional struggles, or suffering from a strain of abuse, we believe together we can call out for courage and bring purpose to our life story. On this day, we will be an active advocate to end the stigma against mental health. Your story is worth sharing! 

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