icuTalks Awaken Conference: 2019 ChainBreaker

Join us on November 2, 2019 for a day of powerful stories of triumph and redemption as we combine worship with authentic speakers and break out session leaders to create an environment of healing and grace. The theme for this year’s icuTalks conference is “2019 Chainbreaker”

Awaken: 2019 ChainBreaker

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Theo Schaffer

Pastor Theo Schaffer, native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is the founder and Lead Pastor of Grace Church Charlotte. Pastor Theo’s passion and love for God’s people is indescribable. He serves wholeheartedly while embodying the scripture, “God will give us Pastors after His own heart…”

Alexandra Hoover

I have a passion and deep conviction for women to live life abundantly in and through the Gospel. Like, It fires me up like nothing else. I’ve been in vocational ministry for about four years, and have been serving and or leading in Women’s Ministry for about six years. In all of that time, I have gleaned, and learned, and become even more overwhelmed with the Good news and what that means for our lives. I write and teach the Gospel, with the desire for people to learn the truth of scripture and how the power of the cross is really all that we need.

Dr. Sharon Smith, DBC, DBS, MSC,

She is the author of several books and is the president of “Inspired Wholeness Ministries” which is geared towards ministering healing and wholeness to the masses. Her desire is to help bring lasting change for people at large, and women, especially; steering them toward the realization that God can bring you out of any situation no matter how difficult it may seem.

Jeff Cook

As a pastor of Lake Forest Church, he is never at a loss for ideas or words, but has learned that there are few things more powerful than simply walking alongside people in authentic community.  He has had the chance to live this out in ministry contexts ranging from children’s and youth to the homeless and urban poor and everywhere in between.  In each and every context he has seen God break chains, heal hearts and save souls.

Tiffany Johnson

She has a remarkable testimony of faith and trust in the Lord in the midst of everything she has gone through. A couple summers ago, she and her husband, JJ, decided to go on a snorkeling excursion while on vacation. That’s when a shark dug into her arm. Come hear her amazing story of resilience.

Breakout Groups

Topic: An Introduction to the Enneagram 

Presenter: Thomas Floyd, LPC

Type of Workshop: The Enneagram is a useful tool for spiritual formation and increasing compassion. This seminar will outline the basic wisdom of the Enneagram and kick start your own journey to self-discovery. 

Participants: 25 max

Room: 202 & 203

Topic: Intimacy Anorexia: The Hidden Addiction in Marriage

Presenter: with Shelia King, MACC, LCPA

Type of Workshop: Interactive

Participants: 50 max

Room: Auditorium

Topic: Toxicity In The Church, 12-step programs, & Therapy: How To Heal 

Presenter: Kim Honeycutt, MSW, LCSW, CCFC, LCAS

Participants:# 15
Room: 108

Join Kim as she brings into the light the tags, labels, and experiences that have become chains and restrictions in our relationship with God, others, and self. This is an interactive workshop designed to provide space for growth and freedom as the toxic chains passed down from others are broken off God’s masterpiece.

Topic:  Storm Stories: Survival Steps to Heal after Relational Chains of Hurt 

Presenter: Emily Funderbunk, LPC

Participants: 15
Room: 107

The people who say they love us the most, can also be the people that hurt us the most.  Whether we are the one to cause hurt, or feel the effects from it, God gives us a path for healing, and the promise of hope through life’s most difficult storms.  In this workshop, Licensed Counselor, Emily Funderburk talks about the personal healing she found in her own marital storm, and gives insight from her recent book on the seven survival steps that individuals need on their path to healing after relational hurt.