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Claudia’s 5K: Call Out For Courage

Our Why

On May 30, 2019, we lost our friend Claudia Clayton to Bipolar Disorder. Claudia was a woman of courage who had deep love for all those in her life. She was an active member of Mosaic church, a volunteer with icuTalks (a mental health speaking ministry), and a Crossfit enthusiast.

To remember her and to honor many of us who are fighting to end the stigma against mental health, we ran 3.1 miles on October 17th. The use of the Call out for Courage neck gaiter is a special opportunity to call out for courage for those you have lost, those of us still fighting the good fight, and for those who are currently struggling.

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Race Day Action

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Claudia’s Call Out for Courage

Whether it is addiction, brain illness, emotional struggles, or suffering from a strain of abuse, we believe together we can call out for courage and bring purpose to our life story. On this day, we will be an active advocate to end the stigma against mental health. Your story is worth sharing! 

Claudia’s Call Out For Courage 8k

Claudia’s Closet

Claudia’s Closet was established to honor the memory of Claudia Allison Grant Clayton, friend and inspiration to many. In agreement with Claudia’s eye for fashion and her heart for children and for service, Claudia’s Closet exists to instill confidence in young women by providing attire, self-care items and ongoing support and mentorship as needed to help prepare them for the classroom and for life. Our vision is that all young women grow to understand their worth and feel empowered to live as their true selves.

The Black Light Foundation

The Black Light Foundation was founded in Charlotte, NC on July 18, 2019. Jalah Clayton, Mahogany Clayton, and Tristan Marrow created this non-profit organization in an effort to shed light on a dark place. Following the passing of Claudia Clayton, they filled the void in their lives with light. Less than two months later, they had incorporated The Black Light Foundation. There was an immense need to raise awareness for and provide resources toward mental health within the Black and Caribbean communities.

While the organization is based in North Carolina, its founders span across the country – as do the resources. The Black Light Foundation is available to anyone thanks to its digital space

This foundation will provide more than resources and do more than build awareness. It will serve as a catalyst for change within certain communities, and help end the stigma around mental health and wellness.

Obituary for Claudia Clayton

Claudia Allison Grant Clayton, age 48, passed away on Thursday, May 30, 2019. Born on October 22, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. She was the daughter of John Emanuel Grant and Vesey Grant. Claudia was the wife of James Daniel Clayton, Jr.

Claudia was known for her love and her adoration of her family. Family was always her priority, and she worked endlessly to build a family that was rooted in love and strength. From an early age, Claudia showed both interest and talent in the arts. She was a natural-born singer and dancer and went to school in New York to study both professionally. She was happiest when there was a song in her heart, which was all the time. Her gifts were endless, but she made a career out of her gift for enriching young children. She was always teaching, and caring. Parents were excited to entrust their children in her care because they knew it was her purpose.

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