Amy Harmon-Eaton

20-Minute Speaker
I am a teacher, mother, writer, and mental health advocate whose hope is in Jesus.  I love nature, connecting with people, and learning.  The deep, chronic pain of trauma & mental illness, that once threatened to destroy me, is being repurposed today as wisdom, empathy, and a message of hope.
I left the security of a steady paycheck two years ago to follow the calling I believe God spoke to my heart.  Today,  I serve others in many capacities but my favorite time is that which I spend with the moms and children of Just Initiative.  Tutoring and loving the kids brings me great joy!
My deepest heart’s desire is to know the LORD.  He has healed, is healing, and I trust He will continue to heal me.  I want others to know the peace and hope I’ve found in Him.  If you’re angry at God, question his goodness, or think you’re a lost cause, you’re in good company; I’m living proof that He will meet you in your darkness and transform it into light