Catherine Carroll

Lover of laughter whose highs often match her lows, I am the 40-something year old mom of an authentic and amazing 16 year old son, and the wife of a professional traveler. Born in Kansas City, Missouri, my family moved more than the Beatles did on tour until 2001 when I landed with my hubby in the only place I will ever call home, Charlotte, North Carolina.

It has been my privilege and honor to work as a consultant for several small ministries and businesses as they launched into greatness. Humbly, now the Vice President of Operations for a mid-sized land development company my super important professional titles also include; yogurt server, waitress, author of a children’s book that sold 10 copies, insurance sales and boat cleaner. All of these experiences allowed me to meet some pretty incredible people, and sparked my interest in becoming both a Certified Christian Life Coach and Certified Project Manger.

My happy places include running anywhere, reading, history working with Girls on the Run, doing anything in Savannah Georgia and working with teenage girls as they choose to live authentically bold and transparent lives.