Heather O’Brien

15-minute speaker

Heather O’Brien is a wife, mom, and child of God. She’s also National Marketing Director, trainer, and wellness educator with the Juice Plus+ Company. Eight years ago, overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of time, income and energy at the end of each day, she retired from a 20 year career as a special education teacher and courageously struck out as an entrepreneur, inspiring families to take their health back with fruits and veggies.

Heather’s husband, Sean, suffers from debilitating chronic body pain, and this career switch also allowed her the time she needed to spend with Sean and assist him with his care. The Lord has stayed close to Heather’s family through their trials, and assisted her to grow a team turned army of hundreds of wellness warriors, all working to impact the health and futures of others. She considers it an honor and privilege to lead from the heart, and she’s excited to share her story with the ICU Talks community.