Jessi Strother

10-minute speaker

Jessi Strother currently lives in a small town in eastern NC with her pastor husband, her 4 boys, and the male dog. (She is outnumbered) She has a passion to encourage others to seek Truth and Grace in every season of life.

She loves the beach and grand adventures such as skydiving and following whole-heartedly after her great God. Jesus has led her on the most amazing adventures.

She is a speaker and writer.

She speaks passionately about Truth & Grace, that she hopes cultivates a community that reveals Love. Out of an overflow of her love and passion, Jessi is the founder of a ministry called Salty, Sweet. Where she writes and encourages women of all ages to grow in Salty Truth and gather in Sweet grace. Based out of Col 4:6 and John 1:14

You can also follow her heart and front porch talks on social media.