Kara Angell

10-Minute Speaker
Kara Angell is a 16 Year old Mental Health Advocate. She is the CEO of a nonprofit named RippleLife and of a business named RIppleLife Workshops. Both are created to help fellow adolescents learn about and improve mental health through workshops and connectivity. She works tirelessly volunteering at political organizations, her hometown library, her karate studio, and tutors underprivileged kids. She is a member of Young Elites, Civil Air Patrol, Mock Trial, Cyber Patriots, and the Gay Straight Alliance. For 10 years she has been running a candy drive every halloween to send candy to soldiers overseas. Her proudest moments have been achieving her 3rd degree black belt, speaking on Serenity Now Podcast, speaking on WBTV News about mental health, and flying a plane. Kara has also promoted the Mental Health Protection act legislation which ends conversion therapy in North Carolina by talking with senators and house representatives along with speaking at a press conference.