Kristin Kittle

Hi, I’m Kristin. My wonderful husband and I have been together going on 16 years and have two amazing daughters, ages 8 and 6. I am also a mom to two Boston terriers, one who is semi famous! I graduated from Michigan State University with a double B.A. In English and Spanish, so you’ll probably hear a lot of metaphors!

We have lived in Charlotte for four years now, but previously lived in Wichita, Chicago, Savannah, and I am originally from metro Detroit, Michigan. I’m deeply affected by the abuse and neglect of animals, women, and children in society and work to be an advocate for those in need. One way we live that out is by adopting a vegan lifestyle.

We are a part of Mosaic church and volunteer in the children’s ministry as well. My family and I know great change can come from little actions. We strongly believe in volunteering for the causes that you’re passionate about, and for us, that is those who are overlooked. I’m thankful and honored to be a speaker this month. It’s through God’s grace, my incredibly supportive husband, and encouraging friends, that I will be sharing my story of His love with you.