Dr. Lucretia Berry

Founder of Brownicity and Author

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry is the founder of Brownicity: The Art & Beauty of Living & Loving Beyond Race (brownicity.com), a family-focused grass roots initiative dedicated to advocacy, education and support for racial healing and antiracism. She is a wife to Nathan, mother of three little girls, and former college professor who is passionate about helping people overcome boundaries through spiritual and social consciousness. Dr. Berry authored, What LIES Between Us Journal & Guide: Fostering First Steps Towards Racial Healing, designed for the ‘beginner’ to conscious and constructive race analysis. Dr. Berry has earned the reputation of a ‘life-giving’ and ‘grace-filled’ facilitator for the work she has done though her What LIES Between US class and the ‘fun-shops’ she designed to help care-givers navigate skin tone and race conversations with children.

Lucretia and her family are loving life in Charlotte, NC and at Mosaic Church CLT.