Stephen Scoggins

After growing up in a broken home and being forced to drop out of high school, Stephen battled the voices of failure and depression. When joining the military didn’t work out, he walked away feeling scared, tired and alone. His life almost ended with an empty step off an overpass into speeding, rush hour traffic. Instead, he decided to make a phone call that radically altered his life forever.
Stephen left the fear, failure, and pain on the bridge that night. He set out to apply the promise that God made him. Stephen swore that he would return the favor and teach others exactly what it takes to become the hero of their own story.
Stephen travels all over the world sharing the principles, strategies and techniques to help others love, appreciate, and develop themselves into the hero they were designed to be. He and his team seek to serve and help others achieve more than they ever thought possible.
He is a devoted husband to Karen and father to their two boys. Their support gave him the courage to build the bridge company known as The Journey Principles Institute, where he and his team work to set others free.