Cody Suddreth

Cody Suddreth is a personal witness of Christ and a child of God. Cody has been a Chef for 16 years working under James Beard award winning Chefs and has been featured on the show State Plate with American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. He has also been touted nationally, included in USA Today, which featured Suddreth’s pimento cheese ravioli with curried crispy pig ears.

In the last 3 years, Cody Suddreth has stepped out in faith and recently been called to serve wherever the Lord may take him. He is a domestic violence survivor and a suicide survivor.

Position: 10-Minute Speaker
2022-05-17 End the Stigma Within Church

Cody is a sophomore at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary, and is working on his Bachelors in Urban Christian Ministry with a concentration on Pastoral Counseling. After completing a grief treatment class, Cody also volunteers as a facilitator for a suicide survivor’s group here in Charlotte named HUGS (Healing and Understanding of Grief by Suicide). His plans are to get a license in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. He is gratefully married to his purpose partner Johanne Suddreth and they reside in Charlotte, NC with their dog Karma. Cody’s purpose is to share God’s persistent grace and to focus on comforting and encouraging others through the trials of life.

Our Mantra

We believe that we are all created, redeemed, and sustained in the love of God.

We are chosen and called by God to be instruments to do his work and speak out to him, to tell others of the night and day difference.

From nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.

1 Peter 2:9-10

Kim Honeycutt – Executive Director