Terrell Huntley

While attending UNC Charlotte Terrell embraced his unique life with a speech impediment and it has allowed him to view life differently and speak from that, hence the opportunity to present a TED Talk called named “Vulnerability Saves”.

Position: 25 minute speaker
2022-08-16 Shame, Shame

Terrell Huntley has spent the past decade serving in different capacities in the non-profit organizations such as Civil Gatherings in West Charlotte. Terrell has been married for 8 years to Kemi Huntley and has 5-year-old son named Roman. Terrell loves speaking to all organizations! He loves to help and walk with people through life so he decided to become a Certified Life Coach, and has also launched multiple organizations.

Terrell and his wife Kemi, a mental health therapist, are passionate about changing hearts and mindsets. Terrell is now the pastor of UCity part of the Lake Forest family of churches. He accepts the challenge to push people past themselves. He passionately uses himself, by being vulnerable, as an instrument to bring hope to all people.

Our Mantra

We believe that we are all created, redeemed, and sustained in the love of God.

We are chosen and called by God to be instruments to do his work and speak out to him, to tell others of the night and day difference.

From nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.

1 Peter 2:9-10

Kim Honeycutt – Executive Director